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Systems Requirements:
The application is built on Microsoft Web Technologies and may not work properly with non Microsoft Web browsers and Operating Systems. The following table lists the currently supported Web browsers and operating systems.

Web Browsers Operating Systems
Internet Explorer 11 Windows 7
Internet Explorer 11 Windowns 8.1 (Desktop mode only)
Internet Explorer 11 Windows 10 (Desktop mode only)

Fax Indexing Solution requires Adobe Reader DC.

Troubleshooting Guide:
If you encounter problems accessing application, try the following troubleshooting steps.
Disable your popup blocker
The application uses popup windows. If you have a popup blocker installed, you must disable it to view the application.
Restore your default browser configuration
The application works best when played on a browser configured with its default settings.
You should also add the application web site(s) [User and Admin] if applicable to your 'Trusted Sites' list.
Users should also enable the Display Mixed Content setting under this location:
  • IE browser/Internet Options/Security tab/Internet (zone)/Custom level/Miscellaneous - Display Mixed Content=Enable.
Upgrade your software
The application will not work with a variety of operating systems, browsers, and plug-in applications.
For best results, use only the latest Microsoft OS/Browser combinations.
For best performance on the system make sure your Options are correctly set in Internet Explorer:
  1. Go to 'Tools' on the menu bar, go to 'Internet Options'
  2. Under 'Temporary Internet Files', select 'Setting'
  3. Under 'Check for newer versions of stored pages:'
  4. Select 'Automatically'.